Rosie Hood. The Beautiful & The Actual

Available now from RootBeat Records

  1. Lover's Ghost 
  2. A Furlong of Flight
  3. William's Sweetheart
  4. Lord Lovel
  5. Dorothy Lawrence 
  6. Baker's Oven
  7. The Little Blind Girl 
  8. The Red Herring
  9. Adrift, Adrift
  10. The Hills of Kandahar
  11. The Cruel Mother
  12. Undaunted Female

Rosie Hood. Self Titled EP. 2011. * Now Sold Out *

This EP was recorded in summer 2011 and consists mostly of songs collected from the area where I grew up in North Wiltshire.

1. Lord Lovel
2. The Outlandish Knight
3. The Undaunted Female
4. Lover's Ghost
5. Maids When You're Young

It was mixed, mastered and produced by Powered Flight Records.